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Honeycomb by Foreveredshadowed
Shading is an extra 5 points. (Making the whole commission 15 points)

Each extra character is 5 points. 
Full Body- Flat color and no shading
Firelight and Briarpaw Training by Foreveredshadowed
Adding a simple background costs five points, a complex one 10 points

Extra characters are 10 points each
Full Body- Detailed colors and medium shading
Applekit-Gift by Foreveredshadowed
Adding a simple background is 5 points. A complex background is 10 points. 

Extra characters are 10 points each. 
Someone Who Knows How To Have A Little Fun by Foreveredshadowed
Hollowpaw- Gift by Foreveredshadowed
Tired of coloring linearts? Just send me a lineart, and a reference of your character, and I'll color the lineart for you! :D

Shading is an 5 points

Extra characters are 10 points each

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5,000th page view gets free art! Note me with a screenshot for proof ;D
huge Huge HUGE character sale coming up soon! Suoer cheap prices, and everything must go! Be on the lookout!

1. [ ] They have an unnatural eye color (e.g. Red, Purple etc.)

2. [ ] That eye color is red

3. [ ] Eyes that change color

4. [x] They have Heterochromia

5. [ ] They have an unnatural Fur Color (e.g. Red, Purple, Green etc.)

6. [ ] They have visible scars on their bodies

7. [ ] They are stunningly handsome/cute/beautiful

8. [ ] They are muscular

9. [ ] They are either exceptionally tall or small

10. [x] They have no determinable breed

11. [x] They look younger than they actually are

12. [ ] They are blind

13. [ ] They are deaf either slightly or completely

14. [ ] They have a bad sense of smell

15. [ ] They have a limb or eye missing

16. [ ] They are a ginger she-cat or a tortoiseshell tom

Total 3/16



1. [] They have amnesia

2. [] They were born as a Rogue or Loner

3. [] Either one or both Parents were tragically killed by something either a fox, another cat etc.

4. [x] They were once a kitty-pet

5. [x] They have a long-lost sibling

6. [ ] They are descended from a previous Leader

7. [ ] They don't know they are descended from a Leader

8. [ ] They are descended from a previous Leader and hold a high up position in the clan

9. [ ] They were born from an Inter-clan relationship

10. [x] Either one or both of their Parents are/were cruel and abusing

11. [ ] They witnessed the death of one or both parents

12. [/] They never knew their parents (she never really knew her mom)

13. [x] They were abused or spoiled as a kit (abused)

14. [ ] They are involved in some prophecy

15. [ ] They have visited The Dark Forest

16. [x] Certain smells, sounds and appearances remind them of a traumatic event in their past (screw you, milk and baby scents)

17. [ ] They had an abusive mate in the past

18. [ ] Related to one of the cats from the original books

19. [ ] They are a reincarnated character

20. [ ] They are destined to become Leader of their Clan

21. [ ] At least one sibling died when they were a kit or Apprentice.

Total 11.5/37



1. [ ] They have an unusual name, not something usually found in the books (e.g. Xepherstrike, Galexyfall, Sparklestar etc.)

2. [ ] Their name refers to Fire, Lightning, Death or Darkness

3. [ ] Their name has the prefix Jay-

4. [ ] Their name is similar to a character from a film/series/anime/book that you are a fan of

Total 11.5/41



1. [X] They have lots of/no friends

2. [ ] They have an Inter-Clan Relationship

3. [ ] They have more than one mate

4. [ ] They have lots of romantic interests fighting over them

5. [ ] They personally have a lot of romantic interests

6. [ ] They are a Medicine Cat with a forbidden Relationship

7. [ ] They have a crush on a character of the same gender

8. [x] They are unsure if they'll ever be able to trust anyone to love

9. [/] Other Cats think they are attractive (Her mate does... xD)

10. [ ] They met and fell in love with another cat within one month of story-time

Total 14/51



1. [ ] They have Autism

2. [ ] They have schizophrenia

3. [ ] They have a split-personality disorder

4. [ ] They are insane

5. [ ] They struggle to stay sane

6. [ ] They have special powers

7. [ ] They are a very kind character that will always try to help those who others don't want to approach.

8. [x] They are very intelligent

9. [x] They are misunderstood by those around them

10. [x] They are mysterious/dark

11. [x] Their mood changes erratically

12. [ ] They have insomnia

13. [ ] Really opens up when you get to know them

14. [ ] Loves Kits and Elders

15. [ ] Has a Protective Nature of either all their clanmates or only those they're close to 

16. [ ] They are emotional

17. [] They have a naive/cute/innocent characteristic

18. [ ] They never lose a fight

19. [] They don't believe in Starclan

20. [ ] Overpowered (e.g. Have killed a Badger/Fox/Sharptooth/Two-Legs almost single pawed)

21. [ ] Is a pacifist

22. [ ] Can talk to two-legs

23. [ ] Feels sorry for the prey they kill

24. [ ] Deep down they are kind-hearted

Total 18/75


Point Reductions!

You can deduct points from your total here.


1. [x] They have a short-temper

2. [x] They enjoy picking on or bullying others

3. [ ] They are of average intelligence

4. [ ] They are average height

5. [ ] Their eye color is yellow or green (No Heterochromia)

6. [ ] They have a natural fur pattern for their breed

7. [ ] They are from a litter of three or more 

Total 16/75

05 Points Anti-Sue

::: Your character is a little boring and dull, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to add some more to their character :::


06 - 15 Balanced Character

::: You have a well-balanced character with just the right amount of interesting, without going over the top. Odds are your character is quite unique :::


16 - 25 Borderline Mary-Sue

::: Your getting a little close there, might want to tone some things down or add a couple more flaws :::


26 - Mary-Sue

::: Your character needs a serious personality make-over :::


35 - Ultimate Mary-Sue

::: Kill it with fire :::


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For PC's: Please put your points in my donation pool, DON'T push the commission button. Thanks!! c:


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